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Connect Kimono® to your district's applications and SIF Zones and move on to the important business of education. Kimono makes application and data interoperability insanely easy. There's no software to install or maintain — it's all in the cloud.

Continuous Integration

Kimono works by continuously acquiring data from your applications, then exchanging it over a Publish & Subscribe architecture that supports a growing number of industry-standard data models, infrastructures and APIs.


Kimono fully supports SIF®, the gold standard for application interoperability in education. Our SIF stack is the best in the business — architected from the ground up to scale in the cloud. We've been working with the SIF standard since its inception and know the ins and outs of successful interoperability solutions.

Cloud to Cloud

Most interoperability solutions focus only on district-level integration — then end abruptly. Shouldn't you be able to put all of that data to good use? We think so. Kimono not only moves data between apps, it moves data between clouds, too. Open your kimono securely, with only the data elements you choose, and with only the third parties you invite.

We're Just Getting Started

We have some exciting technology planned for the future. If you'd like more information or just want to follow our progress, register your email here. You can also contact us at 877-262-9143.

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